Hall of Fame

These Katzes have, in the opinion of the Editorial Board* of KATZ.US, so distinguished themselves
 in their fields of endeavor as to warrant this special recognition.


Adrienne Katz Katz Katz, a triple Katz, which makes Adrienne an All Things Katz celebrity.

Alex Katz, contemporary American artist.

Sir Bernard Katz,1970 Nobel Prize Winner.
KATZ.US is sad to report the death of Sir Bernard Katz on April 20, 2003.

Elias Katz, Gold Medal Winner, 1924 Olympics, Finland.

Gregory Katz, recipient, Pulitzer Prize, journalism.

Howard Katz, President, 1999 - 2003, ABC Sports.

Leanne G. Katz, Founder and Executive Director (1974 - 1997), National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC).

Mickey Katz, Borscht Belt legend.

Phillip C. Katz, recipient, Congressional Medal of Honor.

Steve Katz, co-founder, Blood, Sweat & Tears rock group.


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* The "Editorial Board" is comprised of Rick Katz.