Katz2 Club

I am a Katz, a double-katz, actually. My maiden name was Ilana Katz Levenson, and I married Warren Katz, so I dropped the name "Levenson" and legally changed my name to Ilana Katz Katz. (no hyphen). Many of my friends call me Katz Katz. And I, of course, love cats. One of my friends likes to tell people "I'm taking care of Ilana Katz Katz's cats." Hmm...

I am an aspiring author, hope to be on your "book list" someday soon. I have 2 plus novels, but my agent has yet to make a sale (sigh). Hopefully the third one I am working on... these things take time. :-) I'm a painter and an avid old-time southern fiddler.

Mostly, I'm a katz katz, though.